After a considerable pause and a significant delay, here is a post about Ramadan.

?if you have a day flight with fasting passengers – order only half of your typical amount of catering (subject to PAX request).

?if you flight time is during Iftar make sure to have onboard Laban and dates to offer along with water to break the fast. If Iftar is going to be just after arrival – order or make Iftar boxes for taking away.

?keep in mind that Iftar is the most important meal for your Arabic clientele. Most probably, you will be serving food buffet style, with a lot of choices of hot and cold mezze, main courses, and special attention should be paid to a great selection of desserts.

?during the daytime, avoid reheating meals for the crew in the galley.

? do not display water bottles in the cabin and skip the welcome table.

?for female FA: apply a minimum of makeup and perfume, wear trousers instead of a skirt or dress.

?prepare a praying mat.

What will you add?