The book is available as a hard copy on the webpage. You can purchase it here by providing your complete address.

There are two delivery options availible: by post and by courier. You can choose upon check out.

The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle. Make a request and you will receive a detailed email how to download and access it.

The hard copy is shipped by post or courier. Sometimes, I am able to deliver the book personally if I have a flight to your location.

The e-book is available for download on Kindle.

The book has been sent to forthy countries worldwide. However, if you doubt the reliability of the post in your location, please send an email. We can review other delivery options.

Books are not sold and shipped to Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

The e-book can be downloaded worldwide and accessed via Amazon Kindle.

Shipment duration depends on the country. The most popular order destinations like the United States require 10-14 days for shipping. EU and UK require 10-20 days depending on customs. Shipping to the Middle East is approximately 20 days. All international shipping is subject to customs.

The e-book is available after the purchase on Kindle