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Training the best-in-class experience onboard private jets

About U-SKY.PRO & Tetiana Drozd :

Tetiana Drozd is a leading aviation professional with over fourteen years of experience working for premier business aviation companies in Europe and the Middle East. From the beginning on a small Cessna Citation XL to managing a wide-body aircraft, Tetiana is a respected aviation professional.

Knowledgeable and experienced in fine-dining, table etiquette, and luxury inflight hospitality, Tetiana’s training programs, workshops, and cabin manuals have helped corporate flight attendants consistently deliver inflight excellence. 

Do you want to elevate your inflight
skills and onboard confidence?

Purchase Checklist; the most comprehensive inflight manual for private jet professionals.

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U-Sky Professional offers offline training and workshops based
upon Checklist: The Corporate Flight Attendant Handbook

Books by Tetiana Drozd

U-Sky Professional Cabin Training Handbooks and E-Books


Checklist is a corporate flight attendant manual to help inflight professionals gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to deliver best-in-class hospitality onboard a private jet. 

Whether a new corporate flight attendant or seasoned aviation professional, Checklist provides a detailed blueprint for success amidst the dynamic nature of business aviation.

Included inside the handbook:

  • All aspects of fine dining, table settings, proper equipment handling, glassware and china selection, and service to recreate exquisite onboard experiences. 
  • Insights into cultural dining and service styles, including American, French, Arabic, and Japanese dining preferences.
  • Step-by-step guidance to deliver inflight perfection to guests every time. 
    • Short flights with snacks only

      Depending on a type of the aircraft, your budget and the number of passengers you have, you can offer the following options:

      - For breakfast: fresh croissants with sliced fruits and yogurt parfait with fresh berries in glasses;

      - Cold soup which you can serve in a glass (like gazpacho) with a hot starter (like quiche Lorraine) and some petit fours and fruit kebabs;

      - Small salads which you can serve individually in small bowls with some hot starters (like chicken skewers with peanut sauce), a cheese plate, and berries served in glasses;

      - More in the book ...

Consulting and Mentorship
for companies and individuals

Tetiana Drozd and U-Sky Professional provide bespoke consulting, training, and professional development services for aviation departments, operators, traning centers, and individual flight attendants to raise the bar and excellence in service.

What i offer

  • Writing a service manual for your company
  • In-house service training for companies and schools
  • In-flight coaching (as a second FA Onboard)
  • Exclusive and deals on books for schools and companies
  • Individual mentorship for new and seasoned CFA

Upskill Yourself

All you need to know to craft an unmatched work ethic and build a respected reputation in business aviation.


The books cover all aspects of providing the best experience to your passengers including fine dining, etiquette, hospitality, alcohol knowledge, etc.


Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to deliver the best experience onboard a private jet.


Examples of essential lists to help corporate flight attendants accomplish flight and catering duties.

Read Reviews by My Readers

I don’t go anywhere in the world without this book with me. The level of service it teaches is top notch, and my guests have noticed!
Nicole, USA
Tetiana’s Checklist is a practical guide filled with information for corporate flight attendants. The handbook’s detail-oriented and authentic knowledge helped me gain more confidence as a professional. It’s a must-have resource.
Victoria, Canada
“This book is the ideal guide for someone who aspires to fly on corporate aircraft. Checklist is so detailed and explains how to continue to refine service. For those who have flown for many years, like me, there is still a lot to learn. I re-read the handbook and implement my learning in flights. I highly recommend this book to everyone.”
Jasmine, Japan
Tetiana’s book is so easily comprehensive and full of useful information! Even though I have more than 10 years of experience in private aviation I always enjoy browsing the book because it is full of tips and tricks that refresh your memory-especially after those tiring long range flights. In my opinion it is a must in every corporate cabin crew’s bag!
Diana, Romania
I am positively impressed by your book – I do not read it from cover to cover – but by the themes I feel interested to crosscheck. We are on the same wave – but me – I would never be able to explain it on the paper the way you do. Great and thank you! I even used your checklist for setting up the new plane!
Ramona, Latvia
I am a Lead FA for fortune top 10 company and struggle to lead one of FA to right way. This book really helps!
Millie, USA
The book is perfect encyclopedia including the smallest details for FA’s in Business Aviation. It’s a must have for girls starting this business but also for experienced FA’s. It definitely met my expectations knowing Tetiana! You did a great job!
Ana, Austria
After working together I knew your work style was perfection, this book shows it to the rest of the world. This was exactly what was needed for the corporate aviation. It makes our life on board a lot easier.
Maud, The Netherlands
This book is beautifully presented and it’s clear that a lot of time and effort was spent on its curation and presentation. The things I found most helpful were the service tips. I don’t have a huge silver service background so having a way to quickly refer to the contents regarding certain aspects of service and/or table settings has been really convenient. Also, the galley checklist is incredibly helpful for someone new to private aviation. The book is small enough to take with me on trips and looks so sleek and professional.
Leeh, United Kingdom


Почему эта книга обязательна для корпоративного бортпроводника: Все советы, приведенные в Справочнике CFA, основаны на 12-летнем практическом опыте, накопленном во время полетов с самыми требовательными пассажирами в отрасли (от малышей до представителей королевских семей, от глав государств до всемирно известных художников) и заботы о крошечная болонка или соколы в салоне....

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