Safe Travel Tips

We always keep in mind safety when we are on board an aircraft, but we shouldn’t forget about it when we travel.

Some of the main points would be the following:

  • it is safer to stay in well-known hotel chains in developing countries. Not only because it will be your best option for catering but also your safest option for living as they have to follow the rules of that particular chain.
  • place DND card on your door and avoid “Clean my room”. If you want your room to be serviced – call and ask for it instead of showing everyone that you are not there.
  • use a door chain every time you are in the room and a safe for valuables (in order not to forget them, place one of your work shoes there or hang a post-in reminder on the safe door).
  • ask for a room close to your flight crew, especially where you don’t feel safe. Years ago, when we stayed in Saudi Arabia, one very dedicated housekeeper was very devoted to doing the service around midnight. and he wouldn’t leave until the moment I called my captain, who stayed next door, to help me.
  • use official transportation arranged by the local handler. Yes, Uber, Bolt, etc. might be cheaper, but they hold zero responsibilities with their everyone-can-be-driver policy. Many operators don’t accept them for transportation due to security reasons. again, I know my ex-colleague’s story when even an official ride from a handler didn’t help her to be robbed in Africa.